Guillermo Del Toro to Make Stopmotion Pinocchio

Exciting news for keen lovers of stop motion animation and exciting news for everyone as Guillermo Del Toro has been announced to come on board as the director for a stopmotion remake to the classic film about the puppet. Some other exciting announcements and great names for the picture is Mark Gustafson, famed for the brilliant stop-motion for Fantastic Mr fox, as animating director of the upcoming film.

The screenplay is being written by Matthew Robbins, Nick Cave is reportedly in charge of music and Donald Sutherland and Tom Waits are both being considered for voice acting roles. So it looks like it could be set to be something of an all star cast, particularly with the excitement the Guillermo will give to the release.The company that is representing the film is ‘The Jim Henson company’, the same studio who made the muppets, and Labyrinth.

Del Toro is basing his tale on the classic Carlo Callodi and of course his illustrator Gris Grimley This has affected the design of the characters and the set pieces. Mr Grimley unveiled the starting point for Pinnochio character last year and peaked our interest. Here is a twitter pic that Grmiley took  of the puppet last year. The puppet itself may have changed a bit since  it was displayed last year.