Happy Tuesdays and Film

Film in itself is obviously a massive industry and a huge topic of discussion. I could start a blog just about any one very specific part of the film industry, horror films for example, and would still struggle to keep up with all of the industry news and developments. With that in mind, I intend to focus my coverage of film in this blog to short films and other relevant non-mainstream films that make some form of impact on the animation industry.

Short films lend themselves well to animation because of the huge production costs and time commitment required to make a full feature film with animated images. Additionally , it is an art form that is traditionally related to a short running time; as children we became used to watching short cartoons and various other short forms of animation; as a result, full length animated features can seem very long.

Obviously, this is a gross generalisation if it were applied to all animated feature films, after all, the company Pixar has won countless awards over the years with their animated features which never fail to wow audiences with their wide appeal, comic timing and aesthetic wonder. In fact the mere existence of the ‘best animated film’ category at the BAFTAs shows the respect and consideration the the film industry gives to animation.

However, one of the most liberating elements of short animation, is that it can be achieved on a small scale independent of huge production companies. With the artistic talent, vision and the right software, budding film makers can realise their vision through animation. So with this blog I hope to direct attention towards some small films and important developments within the animated film industry.