An Animated CV

The video game company Double Fine owned by Tim Schafer, godfather of old school point and click gaming, have been pushed firmly back into the spotlight recently as their kick-starter project to create a new point and click game received over $3 million in funding from independent donations.

As they embark on this exciting new project, they have become the company everybody wants to work with or for, as their reputation within the industry begins to rival that of Valve or Pixar hen it comes to inspiring creativity through innovation and fun. So with everybody looking for a position, the competition to work with them has become extremely tough. One way that a young developer managed to poke his head above the rest of the applicants was by designing a game in place of sending his CV.

Marius Fietzek designed a game in the classic style of Schafer’s own old point and click games and sent it to the company. Called The Applicant, the game stars Clark the desk clerk at Double Fine, when Marius himself enters and tries to apply for an internship. The dialog options available allow the player to search through all of Marius’ experiences, job history and qualifications as he has a discussion with the sarcastic clerk.

The game seemed to work just as Marius hoped as it landed him the role with the company. Hardly surprising considering the fact that Tim Schafer himself did something very similar back in the 1980s when applying for his job with LucasArts. So a clever combination of nostalgia, evidence of talent and qualifications has won Marius the job. The hiring is a nice move from a company that is already becoming very popular for their alternative slant on the gaming industry, although, it is likely that since this story came to light, the Double Fine offices have been inundated with games from would-be developers hoping to have a similar effect.

If you want to play Marius’ application, you can find it here: The Applicant